A Compassionate Letter to Myself

At the beginning of this month, I wrote a short poem at the day program I attend. I was given the assignment of writing a compassionate letter to myself. It was a bit of a daunting task just because of how much I struggle to be even remotely nice to myself. I tweaked it a little after the group, but nonetheless, here is A Compassionate Letter to Myself:

Hey little girl
No so little, now you’re grown
But you still feel just as helpless
In this house that’s not a home
You say you hate yourself
But how can you really hate it all
When the things you hate the most
Are all the things that aren’t your fault?
You can ask anyone around
You’re not an awful friend
You improved his life the best you could
No one could stop him in the end
And you don’t have to stop your eating
Just because you think you could look better
And you don’t always have to cut yourself
And it’s not conceited to write this letter
And you were the best daughter that you could be
Even with the storm and all the clouds
Because if your dad was even a little sane
He would be so fucking proud
I know you think this poem’s dumb
And you want to throw it away
But my hope for you lives on
And maybe you’ll believe this all someday.



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About Blake Ressler

I'm a kid just trying to get by.

4 responses to “A Compassionate Letter to Myself”

  1. Jennifer Hall says :

    This is great

  2. JCM says :

    Beautiful. I’m in tears. Thank you.

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